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Michael Wright


From a young trainee, through to founding RITA4Rent, the well-known national tax partners of the National Residential Landlords Association, Michael’s 20+ year accountancy and tax career has been varied to say the least. On both sides of the spectrum, working with multi-millionaires and very small hobby businesses alike, his focus has always been the same whomever the client, however big or small: take the time to listen and understand. Understand where you are, understand where you are going, and understand where you want to be. Then work on the best strategy to achieve those goals. Michael’s ethos is to challenge the status quo, and help you achieve the fine balance between minimising your tax and maximising your wealth.

Away from work, Michael is a proud husband and father, and you’ll often find him out and about around Braintree with his excitable, bouncy dog Betsy! He lives and breathes his beloved Spurs, so when you have exhausted the subject of tax, Michael will be very happy to discuss his views on Daniel Levy, Big Ange and the latest drama surrounding this “great” club!